Friday, June 30, 2006

Celebrity cards-by jenn256

I recently stumbled upon a website I thought I would share with you all. Greg Grunberg has a website and has had many celebrity, musicians and athletes create and design their own greeting cards. You can purchase the cards to which the proceeds go to the Pediatric Epilepsy Foundation (Greg's son has Pediatric Epilepsy). On the website you can see the cards designed by our own Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper, Teri Hatcher, Sean Hayes, Leonardo DiCaprio, David Schwimmer, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick and many, many more. Cards are 5x7 and come in a set of 12 cards with mathcing envelopes for $29.95. The card I attached here is JG's card, and she has another cute one with a duck. I know that a little high for some cards, but last time I bought a card at Hallmark it was $3.00, so it's actually not such a bad deal, and the money goes to such a good cause. And as far as I can tell from the site, the cards are blank on the inside, so they are good for all occasions. Here is the link:


Amy said...

Wow did anyone check out Victor Garbers? Hes a pretty good artist!

This is a great idea for a great cause. Thanks for posting it, Jenn.

Dark Alias said...

i finished watching the third season 2day!! awsome!! but i had a wounder, why was jack pussing vaughn to 'take care' of lauren so much? Sydney told him that he was doing so because he was trying to get vaughn to do what he couldn't do. but at the season finale, "irina' was already killed about, what six months before, or somthing? and in the fourth season jack said that every day he felt guilty, so did he not feel guilty while telling vaughn to kill lauren? am i amking sense? let mee know.

Amy said...

i just finished season 3 too :) can i just quote one of the funniest lines (in my opinion):

"I find you sexy, Jack. Deal with it"-Katya


Desiree said...

For a lack of a better place to inform everyone there is a cd called"Unexpected Dreams" It is a cd for kids but Jennifer, Victor and Nia all sing songs on it. If you would lik to hear a clip of their songs you can go to Amazon and they have clips of the songs at the bottom of the page. My Spykids will be listening to them. I am excited!!!