Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Book Club Update- Jenn256

Just a quick note, Girlscout has asked me to review the book club selection "Recruited". I will only review the first half of the book, in case there is anyone who may not have finished yet. I am going to review through chapter 7 (page 113). I hope you all have enjoyed this book as much as I have. It is titled for "young readers," however, at this point any Sydney is better than no Sydney at all! Have fun with the reading and let the review and discussion begin!


Kiki said...

Awesome, thanks Jenn!

Tammy said...

I'll enjoy seeing your review. I've whizzed through the first several books in the last week, so I'm looking forward to some discussion!

jenn256 said...

yes, they do go fast don't they. And I think they're all only about 130-150 pages each. I was going to review it today but wanted to give everyone a chance to read some tonight instead of just sprinning it on them.