Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Episode 5.14 "I See Dead People"

Update: SRG has updated Let's Get LOST with a recap of last night's eppy. Head on over for a double dose of JJ.

I have no patience for a greeting- let's get to the good stuff shall we?

The Chip and Vaughn
The chip was implanted in Renee. The chip had an incomplete code embedded in it, along with Vaughn's real name, Andre Michaux. Speaking of Vaughn: the man looked good for being in the middle of nowhere still half shot up. And how happy was I that he knew it was Sydspinoza once she kissed him? VERY HAPPY! So, inside that gorgeous chest of his was the other half of Renee's chip. Together the chips revealed a map, of Hamburg, Germany and the location of a bunker.

But before we go there- let's talk about Little Miss I Wear Eye Make-up, Sydspinoza. Sloane and Peyton learn through APO wiretaps that Sydney is headed to Napal to meet an asset *wink* Vaughn, who might be able to read the chip. Sloane is then introduced to the P5 agent who will take Sydney's place. How absolutely fabulous was Jennifer Garner as Ana Espinoza? She was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed Sloane's toss in about how Sydney continues to foil Ana and how Ana must have been lacking for attention as a child. She got Evil Sloane BUUURRRNN!! Ha!

PS. Speaking of burn- I was in no way worried about the little car accident and fiery crash- as Sydney always finds a way to find Vaughn. They always find each other. Aaahhh.

So, Sloane joins forces with P5 only to become their decipher gopher. They lock him in a room (with water! Why does the man always want water? I thought we were over that!!) and they expect results. Little do they know that Sloane already knows what the page says and is stalling. I don't know if it's too much 15th century reading under bad lighting, but as he paces the room, he begins to see the ghost of his dead daughter, Nadia. Nadia- with some extra sass- paws at her father with the evil of his past.

Sloane later tells Peyton that he needs access to works by Joseph Penara in order to finish deciphering the Rambaldi page. When Peyton recovers the material- she unknowingly sends a communication to... SARK! Gawd, I love that little British baddie and I am sooo happy that he is back!! (My friend literally screamed when David Anders' name appeared in the credits!) Sloane leaves little Sarky a message- in a Catholic church no less. Catholic church-Cardinal...I think you might be on to something Uncle!!

So, Sloane is working with Sark again. The last time Sloane worked with Sark they were working with...IRINA!! I see a SpyMom come back in our future.

What is Sloane up to? Starbucks Mom and I conversed and circled around the idea that perhaps Rambaldi is some sort of myth that Sloane is using to bring about his own end. This man has been manipulating since day one. He has worked for every organization; the Alliance, the CIA, the Covenant, APO and now P5. He has used every group to gather the materials he needs for this end game. Hell- he even used Omni-Fam way back in the day. This, people, is why I love baddie Sloane! He is his own best friend. No alliances, no loyalties.

Grace, while in APO, decodes a message from an unknown contact (perhaps Korman, the wife killer) inside a technology magazine. Rachel interrupts with some speal about not being able to get over Nadia's death or being able to handle the pressure. At first the scene seemed pointless- but like my best friend, Starbucks Mom, always says, "Nothing is pointless on Alias." She then carefully explained the point to me-Rachel said something very, very foreshadowing. She said something about Gordon Dean and Sloane being right in front of her and her not being able to see their evil and their ulterior motives. HELLO!! Grace is right in front of you and he's got something sneaky going on!!!

After the conversation with Rachel- Grace makes a phone call. He needs to place a classified ad and I doubt he's got an old couch to sell. Hmmm.

Junker Bunker
Sydspinoza and Vaughn make their way to Hamburg, to the bunker. Once there, Vaughn breaks into a secret room- packed with information about P5 and all their cells. Perfect! Vaughn serves his purpose and Sydspinoza attempts to cap him. NOPE, sorry, your game is up Ana. You are a horrible kisser. A fight ensues and who saves the day? The real Syd with a kiss to make it all better. "REUNITED and it feels so good..."
I love, love, love our gal Syd! ANA ESPINOZA is now on the DEAD list!! I could not be happier!
Callback-Syd and Vaughn stumble on information that can bring down P5 and then they can be together. Sounds a lot like the take down of SD-6.

Syd as Ana as Syd
I LOVE THE ALIAS WRITERS!! LOVE THEM!! How fantastic is it that Syd now has to go deep undercover as Ana, as Sydney?? This all led me to one idea- I believe that Ana's purpose was to get the real Sydney to work with P5. Sydney has only ever wanted to rid the world of Ana Espinoza. P5 had to know that she would want to take her down, even more so since she stole her face and kissed her man. They must have known that Sydney would want to get inside P5 in order to discover it's end game and the double was the perfect opportunity- not only for Syd, but for P5. Now, P5 has the real Chosen One- they have the real link and they just needed the double to lead her in. GENIUS!

I love that the real Syd was able to save Vaughn, but angry that Sydspinoza was the first he saw of Syd since the day he "died." I am sad that little Izzy was introduced by that retched woman and I am sad that the Alias writers weren't given ample time to give them a true reunion.

So, what did Renee's father and Bill Vaughn discover about P5? How will the information help in the smack down on P5? Why did Renee's father and Bill Vaughn implant chips inside their children?
What does P5 want with Syd?
What is Sark's role in all this?
Why is Sloane contacting him?
Who is Grace contacting?

I loved Vaughn's return! I loved JG and her acting! I loved the twist-Syd as Ana as Syd! Next week can only be better, so... what did you think? What did I miss?

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Andrew said...

I, too, loved seeing Jennifer Garner portray Anna Espinoza. I could almost picture Sloane talking to Gina Torres. Superb acting.

I feel slightly jipped that we didn't get a very epic final battle between Syd and Sydspinoza. I was expecting a lot more than a shot to the head.

It's tough to imagine Syd going undercover into P5 leaving Isabelle with babysitters... (even if they are CIA agents)
Vaughn's return was satisfying, it was good to see him and Syd work together again at the end. I was a little surprised at how minor Sark's role was tonight. I'm sure he'll play a larger role later on.

All in all this was a great episode and I can't wait for next week's. Although, it'd be nice to wait a litle longer so the show wouldn't have to end so soon.

Every episode is getting to be very bittersweet with the finale approaching.

It's gonna be good.

slingshot said...

i, too, could not beleive how amazing JG was at nailing ana and her movements and facial expressions... very well done. on how the episode ended, i figured they would have ended in a face off, syd and sydspinoza fighting and vaughn tryin to take a shot at one, but cant tell what one is the real syd. Than syd would have had to say something that only vaughn and syd would know, total call back to season three with will. But anyways it was a good ending, I was complete with the reunion of the real syd and hottie mc-vaughn, it was nice to see him, looking hot as ever with the facial hair....mmm mmm.

anyways next week will be the preview, its gonna be a doozie..

and sloane, good ole sloane, i love love love him as mr. bad guy...

i agree, i love the writers, they are amazing. i hate that there is only three left...

steph_bristow said...

yeah, jen was great! love that girl...loved that she got to see vaughn again. did anybody notice the reference to water again? before peyton went in to see sloane the dude outside was like all he asked for was a glass of water or something like that, i can't remember. have we ever figured out what the deal was with sloane and his H2O??

Kiki said...

Good catch Steph- I will add that to the post.

Okay Slingshot- I think I did enough Vaughn gushing in my post for everyone!

uncle111 said...

Great article GS.
I know I had suggested earlier that Renee's father may have planted the chip in her, but how did the fathers know the kids would ever find each other, the chips and know what to do with them. It's almost like they knew they would end up being spies, working together and that at least one of them would know what to do with them.

I think Jennifer Garner is a VERY good actress. She has done so many different things on Alias and done them extremely well. I really think I've been objective in analyzing her acting and I am impressed. Tonight was an excellent example of what she can do.

Oh, the action, the story, the twists!! Can't believe what's going on...and where is it going?!!
This is going to take another 4-5 viewings this week.

lhaaheim said...

Three words: I LOVE VAUGHN!

Followed by many more words: Didn't Weiss, back in season one, call Vaughn balls of steel? Well he is certainly back!!! Vaughn is one impressive man to not only figure Sydspinosa out (which thank God he did) but to then go along with her!?! Let her cut him open!?! He sure has a lot of courage! To make things even better he delivers one of his best lines yet! Calling her a terrible kisser certainly tops last seasons "consider this the second time you've been rejected by the CIA". Damn Vaughn is one incredible and good looking man! Michael Vartan did a wonderful job this week and the fight scene was one of Alias's best!

Furthermore Jennifer could not have been more amazing as Ana Espinosa. Especially when talking to Sloane, she really did seem like Ana!

I agree Irina will certainly be entering the picture again and Sark being back is a good sign of her presence. However the one who has been involved in everything all along, the one, who has pushed Vaughn into all of this, was BILL VAUGHN! He has had way too much involvement to simply be dead. Nope Bill Vaughn is out there alive somewhere and I think he is going to surface soon right at the opportune moment. I have a hunch that Irina instead of working with Jack has been working with a different SpyDad. Irina has taken a special interest in Vaughn since the beginning, way before she knew that Syd’s feelings for him would last. The words she said to Vaughn about looking just like his father are almost haunting me now. I truly think Irina and Bill Vaughn have been behind all of this. And groups like P5, the Covenant and Sloane have just been messing things up and at the very least just been pawns in the game. Anyway I'm very glad Sark is back and I think he will play a key role but he's just another helping hand again and I think Sloane thinks he can count on him. Where Sarks loyalties lie this time is anyone’s guess.

Oh, the idea that Sloane has sort of made all this Rambaldi stuff up is great. And he certainly has manipulated it but I don't think he is the one who holds all the strings now or even in the end. Things have been set in motion many years ago. Again the number 30 shows up!!!! I think Syd, Vaughn, Irina and Bill Vaughn, if he is alive, hold more power in this whole Rambaldi thing then Sloane does. It's going to be his undoing.

Grace is connected to this all somehow. The Cardinal is far too important of a storyline to be brought up this late if it only pertains to Grace. How he is connected though is beyond me. Everything in the world of Alias right now is about Rambaldi, Sloane and his pursuit of Rambaldi's "end game", the past that is not coming forth (the chip, page 47, the bunker) and how Syd and Vaughn are going to have a life after this. How is Grace connected to all of that???

Syd going undercover as Ana as herself is just pure genius!!! How the writers come up with this stuff is just amazing! They are so impressive! And I too wonder if this was part of someone's plan all along.

I think the reason we didn't get a true Syd and Vaughn reunion was because it wasn't a true reunion, it was only going to last a few minutes and if they had some big crazy beautiful moment then it would be impossible to let go of each other.

About Vaughn seeing Sydspinosa first and hearing about Isabelle from her instead of Syd. Yes I'm pissed about that too but in the world of Alias most Vaughn and Syd moments are covered in darkness somehow. There first kiss was in SD-6! The first time they make love, Evil Francie was watching and taped it! They had to confess their love for one another in Korean prisons and Russian liberty villages! Vaughn had to propose in front of everyone on the plane! And when will they finally get to go to Santa Barbara? Unfortunately like Vaughn said in the flirting corner scene the very people they are fighting against are the very people that brought the two of them together. I've come to expect that Syd and Vaughn will probably never have all there happy moment’s uninterrupted by evil until all that threatens them is gone. When they do reunite again I bet it will be for good and it will be one of those scenes that we talk about again and again and absolutely love. (I’m hoping for better then the SD-6 kiss, though that would be hard to top.)

Next week: I think Sloane might have just screwed up his own plan! And it looks like Vaughn doesn’t go into hiding like Syd said and instead follows Syd around. He was talking to Marshall about losing her at one point in the preview. Oh and I wonder if Sark will believe that Syd is really Sydspinosa. Syd has already done a better job pretending to be Ana then Ana did being her so I doubt he will catch on right away. Plus I have a lot of faith in Syd’s ability to manipulate Sark. Oh my! I bet Sark is going to try and sleep with Syd, seeing how he can’t get the real thing he might just bet on getting her evil double. He’s arrogant enough to think so.

I actually liked how Syd killed Ana, they have fought so many times before and technically it would be expensive to shoot such a fight. I was happy it ended simply with a few shots with a good one to the head. Even Sloane knows that Syd has and will always best Ana. Though I agree Andrew this has become very bittersweet! What are we going to do with out Alias!?!

Final thought: BILL VAUGHN!

lhaaheim said...

Sorry GS but you can never have enough Vaughn gushing! I will be silly for a moment and join in with slingshot! VAUGHN IS ONE FINE MAN AND I'M NOT AFARID TO SAY IT! HE'S SO BEAUTIFUL IT HURTS! He’s mmmmm good! Okay I'm done be silly. :-D

Uncle- That's what I have been saying all along, things have been put in place now for 30 years!!! I bet Bill Vaughn and Irina, have been behind all of this all along. Plus I bet it goes hand in hand with Rambaldi's real prophecy.

Wow that was such a great episode! Not as head spinning as last week but simply lovely and thrilling.

uncle111 said...

We've wondered if Irina faked BV's death to help him get further away from P5. But, she has been so ruthless that you have to wonder how good she could actually be.

lhaaheim said...

True Uncle, but the thing Irina has been consistent about is not picking a side. She plays both sides, good and evil when it suites her and her plans. I think her plans and potentially Bill Vaughn’s plans and the things they set in motion years ago are much bigger then P5 vs. APO and being a mom vs. being an agent. Is Irina bad news, yes, do I wish she would stay away from Syd, yes, but she won't permanently hurt Syd and even in the past she was the one who didn't want Francie killed because it would upset Syd. She is a horrible mom but she is good at showing up, saving the day, keeping Syd, Jack and Vaughn safe. I wonder why she wasn't able to save Nadia though.

jess517 said...

I wonder how Irina will react when she finds out that Nadia is dead and at who's hands her death was. Remember back in Season 2 on the plane after Irina's extraction from the CIA Irina threatened Sloane about talking about his love for Syd...imagine her reaction when she learns that Nadia is dead b/c of Sloane

Sarafu said...

I, like everyone else, REALLY enjoyed seeing Jen playing opposing roles!!! I love watching actors do that, it truly shows how diverse they are! Jen was Fabulous!!! OF COurse, Vaughn was perfect, as always....I just wish that Syd had passed him a pic of little izzie before she had to flee, but oh well. :)
I CAN NOT wait to see the whole story unfold with Grace. I am SOOO curious as to what his involvment is. I loved the forshadowing that GS or starbucks mom brought our attention to when Grace was talking to Rachel! Very Interesting!!!!
Did anyone else notice on the preview for next week that Sloane says that HE has to be the one to kill her.....I am assuming HER is syd but just wondering your thoughts on that??

jenn256 said...

loved it all! But as far as Grace, he didn't write a message, he was receiving a message incoded in a personal ad in the paper. He is clearly still talking to someone on the outside. The message said, "Contact mae, waiting for response". Call back- Jack and Irina used this same sort of method of communication several years ago taking out personals coded with a message. Who is he contacting, and what did that message mean? I still think they are making it way too obvious that Grace is the mole, especially with that inyour face comment about Rachel not being able to trust th people right in front of her. Alias has never been that obvious about anything.

I too wondered how BV and Renee's dad would know the kids would grow up and find each other, but I suppose they hoped someday they would find the chip with the others name on it and try to contact them. I also wonder if they knew they would be agents due to Project Christmas training. After they learned of P5's activity, they knew they would need to do something to keep their kids safe in the future, hence PC.

The other thing I wondered about is why is Sloane stalling if he has the info from Page 47? Is he just buying time for some reason? So Sloane contacted Sark by using Peyton. I wonder if Sloane needs Sark to carry out his final mission. I also wonder if Sark is Irina's doo-boy again. Either way, it was good to see him again, even if for a split second.

What was next weeks episode looking odd? WHy does Syd need to go undercover in prison? What is the thing that will effact the world, and what does it have to do with prison? Can't wait!!!

Starbucks Mom said...

Two words about Renee and Vaughn....Project Christmas.

Jenn...good call on the personal ads. GS and I were trying to figure out where we had seen that before. Does this mean Grace is contacting Irina? There has to be some action as a result of all the contacts he has made. What is it? Who is it with? And where is it taking place?

birdietwoshoes said...

Well, what an episode. I, personally, find it quite funny that all our theories keep getting chucked out the window. Nadia--Dead. Sydspinoza, who we thought would fulfill the Rambaldi prophecy--Dead. Renee, who we had many questions about--Dead. This is going to be one interesting ending.

I was wondering if anyone else would pick up on the whole Rachel/Grace speech. "Right in front of me." Yep. But I don't think that means that Grace is a baddie like Dean and Sloane. I just think he's not who Rachel (or we) thinks he is.

Loved seeing Jen play both sides. She was great at it. Loved Sloane's comments to evil Syd. He burned her, eh!!

Was thinking of our APO Angels kicking Sydspinoza's butt when she was kissing Vaughn and cringing when she was the one to tell him about Isabelle. But I loved how he knew all along. It was great to see him back in action.

Wow, Syd going undercover... This is crazy. Speculations... Syd is going to be in a lot of trouble. Jack will contact Irina and tell her that it's the real Syd, not Anna who has infiltrated P5 and Irina is going to come save her. Sloane might die at the hands of Syd... I like that theory. And Peyton... She really needs to die. Also thought of all you Sark lovers when I saw David Anders name in the credits. I, of course, was looking anxiously for Lena Olin, but alas... Maybe next week?

Only 11 days of Alias left. :( How sad is this.

aliasismyantidrug said...

did anyone happen to notice that JG was listed on the credits as one of the producer on last nights eppy??

mommer said...

Grace seemed to decypher a message from several ads in a magazine or paper. He wrote "Contact made. Awaiting response." I think it was a message from Korman letting Grace know that he had delivered his message to the Cardinal and was waiting for a reply. Then, Grace picks up the phone and makes a call to place a classified ad. It's his reply to Korman - the next step in whatever his plan is.

birdietwoshoes said...

Good call mommer! I too, thought he was writing extremely slow, like he was decoding something. So yeah, good call! I didn't even think of that!!

Tammy said...

Wow - I can't keep up with you guys! Just wanted to chime in - GS - great article. I think you covered the episode very well - and it was a packed full episode.

I thought Grace was decoding something too - I'm interested to find out what his role in all of this is.

I was surprised to learn that Nadia and Renee are really dead. I truly thought one or both had faked...

And Syd shooting Ana as Syd was a great moment in my mind. I thought Sydney would take Ana down, but I didn't expect it so soon! I told my BF after the show (he doesn't watch - can you believe it!?!) that Sydney shot herself - and he was all confused! :)

I can't wait for the next episode - even though that means we're closer to the end. The writers are doing a great job so far in my mind!!


Kiki said...

YAHOO! Some great discussions going on!! Nice pick up Jenn on Jack and Irina's communication call back. It was killing me not remembering who it was.

I forgot to mention who cute Syd and Izzy were when she was rocking her on the dryer! SOOO cute! Made me think of you Starbucks Mom! Loveyoumissyoubye

srg-alias said...

Well I don't really have anything to add that everyone didn't already say, but I also have to give major props to JG. I could also see Anna's expressions and mannerisms under Syd's face when she was talking to Sloane, extremely well done. I absolutely loved the fight between Sydspinosa and Vaughn, I laughed so hard when he said she was a bad kisser and was cheering him on when he was kicking her a**. I actually really liked how Syd killed her. The direction of that shot was phenominal, I don't know how they were able to focus on Sydspinosa getting shot in the head, falling, then focus directly on the real Syd behind her, that was amazing, kudos special effects people! :)

I also noticed the emphasis on Sloane requesting a pitcher of water, that is one well-hydrated man. I'm a little curious now about Peyton...she said "I realize you've made some harsh sacrifices...we all have" or something like that. What has she sacrificed? She doesn't seem like a women of faith, why would she care so much about Rambaldi?

GS - I also cheered when I saw David Anders' name in the credits...sort of spoiled the surprise of seeing him at the end but oh well, SARK'S BACK! VAUGHN'S BACK! Man I love this show...

Oh BTW for my fellow Lost fans, last night's episode recap is now posted at :)

lellani said...

This is my first time to join in on the blogging, but I am a dedicated reader!

I have been trying to figure out who the mole is over the past few weeks. Everyone knows that it is going to be someone that we would never expect. At first I thought it would be Dixon, then maybe Marshall, maybe even SpyDaddy, but this morning it hit me... Rachel! She is sweet and innocent and absolutely one of the last people you would expect to be evil. What if she was placed in APO? What if she really isn't that innocent? What if the conversation that she had with Grace was to make her appear more innocent and to make Grace appear more guilty?

birdietwoshoes said...

Hmmm... Maybe the sacrifice that Peyton made is that she too is a double? Maybe she's Elena. Who would ever suspect that mousey little Peyton would be ruthless mastermind Elena? Is that theory totally off the charts???

Kiki said...

Nope Birdie, Starbucks Mom and I thought the same thing! Peyton as Elena. How funny would that be?

Oh, and Grace was deciphering a code, not sending one- now that makes sense.

Hello to our new bloggers!

srg-alias said...

Someone before suggested Peyton might actually be Elena, which is a theory I love, but I don't think the timeline works. I got the impression Peyton and Rachel had worked together at the Shed for a couple years, but there was no time lapse between seasons 4 and 5 where Elena drummed up the crazy Svogda incident.

Welcome lellani, glad to see you posting! :) I think you're right that the conversation between Rachel and Grace was to make Tom look more guilty, but I honestly would be a bit disappointed if Rachel (or he) was the mole. It just seems a bit too obvious with them being the newbies, I wouldn't be shocked at all and I want to be, the Alias writers are usually pretty good at that. Saying that, your theory could very well be valid, they've certainly made her look like little miss sweetie-pie. :)

srg-alias said...

and I agree, Grace deciphering a code in the magazine (possibly from Korman) makes much more sense, good thinking mommer!

RUDY said...

When Peyton was talking to Sloane about losing someone, she said herself that they all had to make sacrafices. I wonder who she sacraficed? Anyone got any guesses?

Kiki said...

SRG- I think in regards to Elena being Peyton. I am saying, the Elena in Svogda was not Elena- but a double. Remember she said she accounted for every possibility. So, the real Elena was working with the Shed, with Rachel and Dean, doubled as Kelly Peyton. Someone mentioned- what has Kelly sacrificed, she doesn't seem spiritual or into Rambaldi- but if she is Elena, it makes perfect sense. hmmm.

RUDY said...

If Peyton is Elena, she lost Nadia. And we all know that she felt something for Nadia. She even wanted Nadia to join her.

Anonymous said...

what do you guys think about peyton's comment to sloane: "you've had to sacrifice things to be here. we all have."

what has peyton sacrificed?

birdietwoshoes said...

Hey anon-- we're not sure but we've been speculating (see above comments) that Peyton is really Elena and that is her "sacrifice."

mommer said...

I think that some of the things that have happened such as Nadia & Renée really being dead, and Sydspinsoa being revealed and eliminated so quickly are because there's not time to develop/unravel any more of the story. so sad! : (

Plus, what is Sloane up to? He's still trying to manipulate P5 and execute his own plan. Who's in it with him besides Sark? It seems like they already had a plan in place, ready to go and Sloane set it in motion by having Peyton retrieve that manuscript in Zurich.

And, what if Kelly Peyton is really Grace's wife in disguise (or doubled) and what she sacrificed is her marriage? I don't know what her motivation would be except power, but maybe Grace knows his wife was evil (á la Irina), but thinks she's dead and he joined APO to use their resources to find out what she was into and stop it? APO would give him "under the radar" opportunities he probably wouldn't have in the more bureaucratic, political CIA. He definitely has an agenda on the side. I hope this theory is wrong because one more double is just too much, but if Peyton's appearance is radically changed it would explain why Grace didn't recognize her earlier in Season 5. Maybe Kelly isn't his wife, but just sacrificed whatever her life was to hook up with Gordon Dean and The Shed. The weird thing is she doesn't seem to be committed to anything or anyone. She mocks Sloane for his "faith" in Rambaldi, and she doesn't seem to have any idealogical connection or passion. What's her deal?

Angela said...

Hi, everybody:

Loved last night's eppy, and (tee hee), I just KNEW Vaughn had a matching chip in him even though I think it's hardly plausible that no one would have seen it after him getting shot in the chest about a zillion times.

I'm not sure there is a mole within the tight APO circle. I think they're trying to make us think Grace is a mole, but I think he's a good guy. I think all the "leaks" so far can be attributed to Sloane, right?

So--with Sydspinosa out of the way, we are pretty much boiling the story down to Jack/Irina, Syd/Vaugh/and Prophet Five. Hmmm.

And that gunshot to the forehead--well, if it came from behind, no way it was credible, but they couldn't show what it would really look like on TV. :-) Bullets leave lots bigger holes coming out than they do going IN.



jenn256 said...

as far as Grace and who he was contacting, it seems to me that perhaps the message he read was from Korman and that the Cardinal had been contacted and Korman was waiting a response. But if real time from the rest of the show holds true, then it took over 5 weeks to contact the Cardinal? Grace talked to Korman before Syd had Isabelle, and she was supposed to be 4 weeks old last week, so did it really take that long to contact the Cardinal? Why is this person so hard to contact?

If BV really did uncover all of the screts and the major players into P5, perhaps Irina really did kill him, he was too close to finding the truth, so has she worked P5 all along, or even headed it up herself? Were the other 11 agents she killed also starting to figure it out or asking too many questions? Or were the original 12 members of P5 doing it for evil and Irina killed them so these new 12 members could take over? Or even vice versa?

jenn256 said...

OMG, you all have to watch the clip from next week on no real spoilers, just some great scenes, and Sark is on there for you Sark lovers!!!! Yummy as ever.

mommer said...

One thought about Vaughn & Renée's dads implanting the chips in them. Perhaps they didn't think Renée & Vaughn would have to find each other - perhaps they thought at least one dad would be around to retrieve the chips when & if they were necessary and they hid part of their message regarding their most important work in the ones they most cherished – their children. It's actually kind of sad when you think about it - just like Sydspinosa said to Sloane, "The children always suffer the most." All of the adults in Alias (except Marshall! : ) ) have used and manipulated their children: Jack & Irina, Sloane, Bill Vaughn, Elena, Senator Reed, Lazaray - all of them. Talk about dysfunctional families!

jenn256 said...

well Vaughn said his dad told him that the scar was from a bike accident, but that he never rememebered it. So his dad must have done it when he was a lttle bit older. Does anyone remember how old Vaughn was when his dad "died"? Sounds like he was killed not long after he implanted the chip into Vaughn, maybe that was just a way for BV and Renee's dad to make sure the truth was eventually discovered. But why would BV put Vaughns real name on the chip, and Renee's real name on hers? Wouldn't it have been easier for them to find each other with their new names on the chips?

Dignan said...

ok... loved last night at well. Want to get everyone's opinion on when Vaughn knew that it wasn't the real Syd.
- I don' think it was the kiss, initially that did it- but something he went back to.
-Didn't he say something about Isabell's name? That he named her and Anna agreed, when in fact it was Syd that named her and Vaughn liked the name.
-the thing that did it for me was the scar. if it was syd who had been having intimate relations w/ vaughn, she would have noticed and asked about the scar.

any thoughts?

Kiki said...

He tricked her in the car when they got to Hamburg, but I think he had suspicions, like the kiss and the naming of Izzy. She asked in the car "How do you wanna do this?" He said, "Like we did in blah blah." (I don't remember where he said). Later he said, "Sydney and I never went to blah blah." He called her out!

srg-alias said...

just a quick suggestion, I know some of the comments are long, but try to at least skim over them so we don't have so many repeat questions and such, thanks! :)

Robetron said...

To answer an above question:

Vaughn was eight when he attended his Dad's funeral and the agent who represented the CIA had been "admonished" not to make any displays of emotion. (Remember the scene with Vaughn and Syd at the Driving Range when he gave her the "bug".)

The chip could have been implanted much, much earlier.


Robetron said...

From the article:
"How will the information help in the smack down on P5?"

There was a subtle little line by Vaughn just as they were coming back from a break , and as they were going through some of the info posted in that room... it was something to the effect that "Many of these organizations are still in existence."
Syd replies something like, "I know, this should allow us to bring them to their knees."

I won't speculate as to exactly what information will lead them to make thier move or what that move will be. I have no idea.


mommer said...

SRG, one reason why there might be repeat questions or repeat speculations is because while you're thinking and typing out your comment someone else is publishing and by the time you publish your comment it seems like a duplicate, but really you were both writing at the same time.

I agree we should all read everything though. Thanks for the suggestion.

srg-alias said...

yes mommer I can see that being the case, especially on a day like today when we're all alias-blog-happy! :)

mommer said...

I know, SRG. It's such fun to think about all that has happened and how it's all going to come together - the bad part is remembering that the writers have to pull it all together in three more hours. What will we do without Alias?!

srg-alias said...

ahhh, don't remind me! that's seriously going to put a downer on my birthday (the day after the finale). :( I'm rewatching the ABC stream of last night's episode, I'll let you guys know if anything else pops out at me.

srg-alias said...

ok Tom was definitely decoding someone else's message to him, you can see as he's writing on the magazine that he's underlined certain letters in the classified ads, some sort of pattern I'm sure he arranged w/ his contact (possibly Korman).

Eliza said...

help! how did Syd know that Sydspin.Vaughn were in the bunker?

mommer said...

Freelancer, I don't know exactly how Syd knew Vaughn & Sydspinosa were there, but remember Jack told the APO team that they had picked them up on surveillance video in Hamburg? How they found their specific destination in unclear, but they probably were able to follow them from the airport. Another thing we just have to "go with," I guess.

srg-alias said...

that's a really good question freelancer, maybe vaughn had some sort of tracker w/ him (how Jack got in touch w/ him, maybe a phone or something) that they were able to locate...

mommer said...

Here's a new thought: do you think we've seen all the deaths now that 3 have died: Nadia, Renée, and Ana? Or do you think there's still another main character or more who will go before Alias ends?

ry said...

Quick question related to the IMDB page for this episode-- It lists Bradley Cooper as "Seth Hatfield".

Did I miss something?


PS. Did anyone else think it was sort of funny when Sydspinoza was talking to Vaughn about the baby and she was like, "She has the same... uh... blue green eyes as you do." Of course the real Syd would know what color eyes her man has! :)

Kiki said...

Apparenly IMDB has a habit of publishing faulty intel. HAHAHA

PS. I hope you all join SpyChat this evening, we have some great stuff going on here!

lhaaheim said...

Birdie- I like your idea that Irina will be on the one to save Syd from Sloane, if Sloane does in fact mean to kill her like the preview suggests.

Lellani- Welcome! I have been thinking and posting that too. Rachel is just too good to be true! It may not be her but I don’t think we should be so quick to dismiss her as a mole. I’m still wondering about Weiss though. Maybe he has been the greatest double agent all along. Weiss always gets the weaker wrap, he doesn’t have as many fights, and someone generally helps him. His storylines are small and always involve someone else. We really don’t know a lot about Weiss outside of his interactions and friendships with the other cast. And this whole I’m going to miss my Pilates class thing when we saw him last time struck me as odd. All of a sudden he is mister power man and he is fitting into that role very easily. I’m not sure that Weiss is as best friendly as we all think he is. There may only be room in the end for one best friend and I bet Dixon is the one to grab that spot. Plus JJ seems to be close to Greg and what a great way for his character to go, from cuddly bear of a friend to super bad ass.

I’m starting to think Peyton might be Elena. She has had way too much involvement in all of this to just be another helper in this game. She certainly has her own plan on the side. Maybe she is Elena like some of you have been suggesting. It certainly seems plausible now.

Mommer I like your idea that Peyton could be Grace’s wife doubled and yes if Peyton is doubled as anyone that would certainly be a lot of doubling. However doubling has become a very big part of Alias and I’m wondering if it’s there for more then just a plot mechanism. I’ve posted this before but what if there is more to the double then just the doubling? What if it’s part of Rambaldi’s plans. He has always been about extending life, at least Sloane thinks so. Isn’t doubling extending that persons life? Though you stated perfectly what I really want to know about Peyton? What is her deal! Why is she in all of this? Why they are all in this, is there some secret reason that the CIA has not learned of yet why so many people would choose a life of Rambaldi especially when it is not about faith. Does Peyton just love to be evil or is it more about the game and money like it is for Sark. Though I’m betting he has a secret or two left as well.

Jenn I like your idea that Irina killed the 12 CIA members to have them replaced by the current 12. That’s very interesting but that doesn’t mean she had to actually kill them or all of them. I will be super disappointed if Bill Vaughn is not alive when the show ends. I’ve hopped on the Bill Vaughn is alive band wagon and I’m not getting off until the last ALIAS flashes. He has been a HUGE part of Alias since season one. He, like Irina has always been around. I’m almost certain he is alive! Furthermore I think he has been working with Irina.

Jenn- I think Vaughn was 8 and about their real names being on the chips I think it was more about it being too easy to find them if their new names were on it. Like mommer said they put this info in the people that they cherished the most.

Dignan and GS- I wonder too when Vaughn knew that Syd was not infact Syd. I think he knew instantly that something was up. Ana is crappy at acting like Syd and even if we thought she was the real Syd we all would have been like, what was up with that. Plus it was obvious that right after that kiss, a kiss that Vaughn has been waiting a long time for, one that was honestly terrible, right after Vaughn started planting questions. Even though he is in the world of Alias and doubles exist, it’s still a big leap to jump right away into thinking she is a double so he had to gain Sydspinosa’s trust a bit unfortunately by trusting her a whole lot. To then find out the truth by innocently baiting her, without her knowledge. So he knew from the beginning but wasn’t going to act on things until he was more then a 100% sure. I mean she physically was Syd that image is still a lot to overcome.

Random thoughts posted in the other topic and am still wondering about:

What's up with the LOST connections, one of the characters on LOST tonight was seeing dead people too, what's up with that!?! We've had two people die on both shows, the same name titles, major episodes on the same night. Is this just a coincidence or is JJ up to something? Have there been other similarities?

Nadia? I think she really is dead. Cut to the neck; blood everywhere, seeing her dead body. I think it's all there to remind us of Danny and Laruen. People we think are actually dead. So yes this is Alias so anything can happen but I think Nadia is dead. If she's not however, how could they do this?

What did Sloane decode!?!

I wonder if Jack told Marshall, Dixon, Rachel and Tom about Vaughn not only to get their help with everything but to also flush out any of them as moles. Now it's not Marshall and even though Dixon seemed hurt I'm sure he is not the mole. Is it possible that Jack might suspect Rachel and Tom? He has certainly been the obvious choice all along, and since Alias doesn't do obvious I doubt it's him. Are we so sure Rachel is who she says she is? Will they enlist Weiss’ help and tell him the truth, did he know already, and is he a mole?

How did Syd know where they were? How did she find Vaughn and Sydspinosa in the bunker?

What's going to happen to Isabelle? Will SpyGrandpa take care of her while mommy and daddy are out saving the world or will we see the creepy babysitters again?

lhaaheim said...

Just what I was thinking mommer :-) granted my posts are generally long (I am seriously trying to keep them small) but like 13 posts were posted while I was typing and proofreading mine.

mommer said...

Regarding deaths issue:
From eonline April 24th chat:
Q: Who is dying on Alias?
A: So far, I know of three: One person very close to Sydney, one person who is a main character but not close to Syd and one person who is neither close to Syd nor a main character.

If Kristin is right, then I bet we have at least one more because I don't know that either Renée or Ana could be considered main characters. Nadia would fit the very close person and Ana would fit the "neither close to Syd nor a main character" death.

lhaaheim said...

mommer- I don't quite believe the whole 3 will die thing, I have a feeling that some of the things that are coming out are meant to mislead us. It's Alias so anything could happen, regardless of what cast, writers or producers say in the public.

freelancer- Yup you posted your question from last night again as I was typing my post that included it from the other topic on the blog. The overlapping posting is definitely because so much is going on and it's hard to keep up while catching up.

pkrm said...

Sorry I don't have time to read all the posts! If any of my ideas were mentioned above, I do apologize for pretending to be original! :)

I was just going to say that I don't believe for a second that Sloane was seeing Nadia's ghost. Although Rambaldi is not exactly "normal," we've never delved into the true paranormal. I believe Sloane is losing his grip on reality. He has now gone completely over the edge, and his own mind is fighting with itself now. He did love Nadia, and a part of him DOES regret killing her, and now his mind is playing with itself. He has gone from being obsessed to being truly mad!

Next point, did anyone notice Nadia's speech pattern was different? She usually has a very deliberate manner of speaking, and last night she was sassy and her speech was different. Yet another point to make me believe it is all in Sloane's mind.

Sloane is contacting Sark because he wants P5 toasted! When Nadia told him he was dispensible, it was really SLOANE telling himself he was dispensible. He knows that P5 is using him, and now by contacting Sark, he will destroy P5 like he did the Alliance so he can be in control again! CLASSIC SLOANE!!!

lhaaheim said...

ry- I know I caught that too! Ana is so very bad at acting like Syd. But JG is wonderful at playing them both! I think Syd will do a great job when she is undercover as Sydspinosa; even when Syd answered her phone she was totally Ana already. Really I think it's a matter of poor planning on Ana's part, she was not prepared for this and should have gotten into it more if she wanted to win. She is too arrogant and thinks way too much of her abilities so she doesn't try and work at it as much as she should. Thankfully, Syd is just the opposite.

srg-alias said...

ya know what's odd though is how Anna said to Vaughn while they were fighting "ya know I always said Sydney was too good for you". Why would she give props to Syd like that?

a belated response to aliasismyantidrug, yes Jennifer Garner has been a producer most if not all of this season, I don't know about last season though.

mommer said...

I think you're totally on target about Sloane, pkrm! Choosing Rambaldi over Nadia and then losing Nadia pushed him over the edge from obsession to insanity. He's like a cultist who has so totally bought into the teachings of the cult that they've lost touch with reality and are willing to sacrifice anything to obey "the prophet." If love can't restrain us and save us then we are truly lost. Sloane chose Rambaldi instead of love over and over and it has cost him big-time and may cost him everything.

lhaaheim said...

pkrm- I agree with you, Nadia was all in his head. And you know what he deserves to be mentally haunted!!! I also agree that Sloane is trying to get out from under P5 like he did with the Alliance. However I don't think he will succeed because of Syd. If she has the chance this time she will just kill him. I really don't think she will chance him getting away again or even wait for a trial. Sloane is going to be toast too along with P5 if Syd gets to him. Furthermore I’m wondering who Sark with end up working with. As usual his loyalties will be flexible so I wonder if he will play multiple sides at once or even eventually team up with Syd. Did Sloane ever find out that Sark was the one who arranged for Syd to kill him in season two? Should Sloane really trust Sark’s help or is he manipulating Sark into something that will ultimately help him.

lhaaheim said...

Oh I whole heartedly agree mommer, Sloane is going to loose everything because of his choices.

mommer said...

SRG, I thought Ana told Vaughn she always thought he was too good for Syd? I guess I'll have to re-watch. I thought it was a dig at Sydney, but maybe she was reacting to his "bad kisser" comment.

lhaaheim said...

srg- I think Ana was being sarcastic when she said that about Syd.

pkrm said...

Yes, lhaaheim, Sloane did know that Syd conspired with Sark to have him killed.

Remember just a few episodes after the Alliance fell when Sloane was in the bank, Syd and Vaughn confront him, and Sloane says, "So you're the man Sydney was willing to kill me for." And great line by Vaughn, "She would have killed you for a lot less."


lhaaheim said...

Paul- That's right I forgot about that. Honestly so much has happened on Alias it's just impossible to keep it all straight. How do the writers do it!?! At least here at the blog we have each other to help! :-)

Maybe we should do some sort of thank you letter to JJ and the writers when Alias is done. That would be nice, especially for the writers since it's generally JJ and the cast who get a lot of credit. Oh and the director too! The way they shoot things is just amazing! There have been so many great scenes that have become amazing simply because of the way it was setup and filmed.

Starbucks Mom said...

Everyone has really amazing things to say. But two things...if you've already said something try to refer people to your previous post instead of repeating yourself. And, try to keep your posts short and sweet. It takes a long time for the comments to load, and we all want a chance to contribute. If you want to post a lot of info, email it GS and she'll blog it.

aliasismyantidrug said...

thanks SRG... i guess i never really paid any attention.

srg-alias said...

haha no prob, sometimes I notice the credits and sometimes I'm completely last week when they listed the actress who plays Renee (Edie something) as a guest star and she wasn't in the opening credits anymore, I should have known she wasn't going to last through the episode!

lhaaheim said...

I'm totally oblivious to the credits as well. I'm just too excited about the episode by then to pay close attention to it. Plus I'm a major dork and I'm generally singing or dancing along to it.

spyfriend said...

I just thought of something-the chip in Renee had Vaughn's real name on it but the chip in Vaughn had Renee Russo. Shouldn't it have had her real name on it? We know Renee is not her real name because of the comment "she now calls herself Renee Russo". Did I miss something?

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