Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Alias for Sale/ABC board

Just a couple of things we Alias lovers need to know about. First, it has been rumored that the Alias site on will be taken down tomorrow. So if anyone wants to get on there for any episode recap information, music song titles from any eppies, etc. now is the time to do it. Also the blogs from that site will be dismantled, so if you have any final things to say there, you don't have much time left, although they aren't as good as this blog so who cares anyway- just kidding!!!

Also there are a lot of great items from the show up for auction on e-bay. There are many, many wardrobe items worn by all of the gang-dresses and suites of Sydney's, Hugo Boss suites of Jack's, suites and shirts of Vaughn's, etc. There is at least one article of clothing from every memeber of the cast, and a lot of jewelery worn by the woman (mostly Sydney and Rachel). There are also a few prop items like the Sphere of Life with the case and some other Rambaldi artifacts. And they have a copy of the series finale signed by all of the writers and directors from that episode. Some of these items are scoring big bids, but it is fun to see what they are selling, and just think- you could have some memoribilia from our favorite show. The auction is over next week, and all proceeds go to the Children's Defense Council.

The website is:

Thanks- jenn256


Miss Scarlet said...

I wish they would keep that webpage up! I just found yours though...I'll be checking the archives:)

Kiki said...

I just perused e-bay. I want the flight attendent outfit so bad. It's one of my fav ones!!

jenn256 said...

I loved that too. She looked so great with her hair done and the hat!!! But I really loved the red ball gown dress she wore in the beginning of S3. When she and Vaughn went out on their first mission together after she "died". It's a gorgeous Badgley Mishka gown, but for that much money for a dress I probably can't fit into, I think my husband may kill me.

Did you see the red flapper dress? Was the one she wore at the S & M clob she went to with Vaughn where they posed her with that guy and blackmailed him? I can't remember.

Kiki said...

No that's a different one, but I love the flapper dress. She was wearing like tight leather in the S&M one.

lhaaheim said...

Thanks for posting about this; I was just about to suggest it. Does anyone know what time they are closing the boards tomorrow?

Seriously, if I had the money I would so buy the red flight attendant outfit! It's so cute! Oh and the red flapper dress too! I wish the sunglasses were on eBay. I would probably actually bid for that!!!

Robetron said...

Man, they surely don't waste any time dismissing the fans of the show, do they?!

It just goes to proove further that ABC never really cared about what the fans wanted or liked. The show is not even a week in the ground, and they are already shuving the wedding ring into the shoe box and into the back of the closet. (It's a metaphor, y'all.)

It has always been ABC's fault.


jenn256 said...

when did she wear the flapper dress? I think it may have the episode number on there, I need to look. The problem is she looked amazing in all of it!!!

Yes Robotron, they are moving quickly, but they are keeping the episodes available for streaming to view, at least for now anyway.

We should all pool our money and by something and shore custofy of it. WOuldn't it be cool to own one of vaughn's shirts or Jack's suits, or some of Syd's costume jewelry?!

jenn256 said...

my typing skills leave much to be desired. I meant that we could share custody of it!! I'll enroll myself in Typing 101 over the summer.

lhaaheim said...

As usual you are right Robby! ABC is to blame!!! Good metaphor by the way!

Besides you would think ABC would treat Alias better then they are if nothing else out of respect for JJ. I'm sure they don't want him moving to another network and taking his shows with him. Plus many Alias fans are LOST fans and since LOST is there golden show it would be in ABC’s best interest to treat us nicely.

She wore the flapper dress in season one episode 11, “The Confession”. I just love the glasses she is wearing with them, Marshall was right they are super swank!!! :D

Robetron said...

Hey GS, if you really love me, you'll buy me a Hugo Boss black suit like Vaughn's (or Jack's, or Weise's etc.)


P.S. Your Flight Attendant outfit is on its way.

jenn256 said...

I have a question...if any of you won the clothes, would you wear them? WHat would you do with them?
None of the clothes say what sizes they are though. I wish they would sell more scripts from other episodes. GS- I would fight you over "Facade"!!!!! :) let the bidding wars begin.

Llhaaeim- First, thanks for the info on the flapper dress, I just can't seem to picture that episode in my mind for some reason. I vaguely remember the dress, but nothing else about the show.

Second- JJ has a contract with ABC for Lost through 2008, so he doesn't have the power to be pulling any shows and switching networks. However, if he gets himself a good enough lawyer, I guess anything is possible. I saw in one of those spoiler sites that JJ and the gang wanted to take the Rambaldi thing into a whole other direction years ago, get into more of the religious aspect of it and ABC pulled the plug and said NO-WAY. Now, the question is, did he present the whole storyline to them that way in the first place? I would love to have seen where he really wanted it to go without them stepping in, just let the creative juices flow, but I guess we won't ever see that happen. :(

lhaaheim said...

JJ would probably have to go to court to have Lost moved, regardless of a contract or not. ABC would put up a fight. Nonetheless they could loose JJ for future shows and movie projects. Of course if ABC would just play nice there would be no fighting and things would have been fine.

Oh I always thought there was a deep underlying religious or spiritual quality to Alias. I understand why they steered clear of it and I'm happy with how it went. Plus when Alias came on, 9/11 was still talked about daily and tension was just too high then.

Syd goes into a club wearing the cute red flapper dress and a choppy dark red wig, there’s a bunch of girls dancing in glass boxes I think etc. The person she needs to see is in the private section so she weasels her way in there by being all sexy. Marshall gave her these great red sunglasses, which he modeled for us in SD6 and commented on how they were super swank, the glasses can scan a persons eyes. They need this intel so they could get something. Things go to well between Syd and the bad guy and he invites her to his room and they lock her in there. She escapes but it's too late to get the other thing they need, Dixon already has it and since its season one the item is going straight to Sloane. Did I miss anything or mess it up?

Robetron said...

The "supa-swank" comment was about a different pair of shades, when she played the part of "Arianna Kane" and she was searching for Servryn Driscal, the guy who changed the face of Anini Hassan. I forget the tropical place where it happened.

lhaaheim said...

Really I thought it was the red pair? Maybe I just love those glasses too much and I'm confusing other parts with it. I need to brush up on season one, good thing I'm watching it soon!

One thing I don't need to brush up on is the prophecy, I found out today when I was at my chiropractor (he's an Alias fan too!) that I know the "chosen one" prophecy by heart. It's kind of crazy that I love Alias so much that without effort I can quote back the prophecy. Does anyone have a good and accurate source for it; I want to check something with the punctuation. I know we posted about it before but I can't find it on the site.

Lotta said...

Does anyone know anything about the dvd release? Any words around?

jenn256 said...

You know I went back to SpoilerFix to see exactly what it was that JJ said about religion coming into play in the Rambaldi thing, and they took Alias off of their website too. What's the deal, it's only been a few days, the body's not even cold yet, as Robotron would say.

The going to court thing was where I was going with that whole thing. If JJ got a good enough lawyer (though they would have to be damn good to go up against ABC), it could happen. But who knows what other shows he has in the works with them also. What happened with that "What About Brian?" show he was doing? Does anyone know if that got picked up for the fall schedule?

No word on when Season 5 will be released on DVD, but I did find an interesting site called, where you can see and print actual scripts from all seasons, so if you want to see what was said, or how the scripts are written for the actors, it's a neat site. GS would probably like that kind of thing.

There is also a grat site: _(TV_series)

it's a great site with pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about the show, including breakdown of what happened each season, running themes of the show, how they were spoofed, and all of the "Links to Lost" which shows just how similar the shows are and a few facts you may not have known about how the shows are linked. Check it out, pretty interesting.

Robetron said...


LOST was blow-you-away good tonight.

Catch you by the throat- good.

Make you pant - good.

Make you made because the finale of ALIAS was so neglected - good.

lhaaheim said...

What About Brian will be back in the fall though I'm not sure how long it will last. I like it but its ratings have been a little shaky.

Neat sites Jenn, thanks for posting them; I especially like being able to see the scripts here is a piece of one that I found interesting, particularly since it has commentary.

Scene cuts to Vaughn… who assumes the voice of the doctor.

VAUGHN: Well done.

SYDNEY: (hypnotised) (whispering) Vaughn…

DISTORTED VOICE: Thank you doctor.

Then, in the way we all love Alias… The captor’s face is revealed: It’s Irina. She talks to Peyton.

IRINA: I’ll let my sources know we got the location of The Horizon. I’ll be back in a few days. Until then, keep her comfortable.
Scene cuts to hypnotised Sydney. Cut to a beautiful tropical beach. Vaughn is waiting in a white suit and Sydney is walking in his direction.

SYDNEY : Do you hear that?
VAUGHN : I didn't hear anything.
SYDNEY : I know. It's great, isn't it? (Sydney catches the left hand of Vaughn) I wish we could stay here like this forever.
VAUGHN : There's nothing I want more. They're gonna figure it out, Syd. Sooner or later, they're gonna know you gave'em the wrong name. And when they do, I can't be here. They'll keep using me against you. They won't stop until they get what they want. I have to go.
SYDNEY : I know.
VAUGHN : We'll find each other. We always find each other.

They kiss on this beautiful beach. Cut to hypnotised Sydney, who seems more confident.

lhaaheim said...

BTW, if the ABC Board is still running on Thursday (it's 1:48 Pacific right now and it's still up) during the day please go over there and support the blog and DarkAlias's board. I have a couple threads there and so does GS, but they need help being bumped up every now and then. I would hate to think that some Alias fans were left with no where to go because they didn't see the post. :-)

lhaaheim said...

Something really creepy just happened to me, all of a sudden my Alias folder in my favorites section disappeared!!! :-( Even my PC is trying to kill Alias!!! I didn't delete it, not even accidentally, there is no way I would have hit the yes button and when I cleaned out my recycle box I didn't see it there either. Thankfully I have a deletion restore program, but it didn't catch everything. Never have I just lost a favorites file, and even though I'm sleepy I just know I didn't do it. Plus everything else is fine!?! Has this ever happened to anyone else or is my computer just being mean to me?

coup said...

Holy moly. It is quite an ordeal to read through all those comments, i'm guessing about 150 for the last 3 or 4 threads. Anyway, I only saw the 'Alias' finale a few hours ago, because of my damn geographical location [Sydney, Australia]. Ooh, speaking of which, I was so excited when it started with Sydney, in Sydney ^_^ Unfortunately, it went down hill from there. I just finished writing my blog on my msn spaces site [it ain't just a dedicated 'Alias' blog, but it is today], so i won't really go into the details of the eps again, as most of them were covered, and even some of the questions i raised were answered -_-.

girlscout, thank god you posted what the majority of us felt. As i was going home with my friend, we were discussing what various forums/blogs would say, and whether the owners would try and justify the obvious flaws, just because they are hardcore 'Alias'fans, and i'm happy to see that at least this blog isn't like that.

I'm also waiting eagerly with everyone else, for some sort of interview with J.J. Abrams on the 'Alias' finale, as this should be most interesting indeeD. Anyway, it's good to see that this blog won't shut down, and i can't wait for the new discoveries that will found with old seasons being watched again.

srg-alias said...

welcome scarlet! :)

jenn - if you still can't remember the eppy where Syd wore the flapper dress, I think it's the one where she told the owner of the bar that his dancers "suck" and he locked her in a room w/ his bodyguard, who's ass of course she kicks, then the owner finds her again and licks her face and says she's not his taste. Cut to her talking to Vaughn and she says "he licked my face" and Vaughn says "I understand" and she says "no you don't really, he LICKED MY FACE" hehe. Ok I think I've seen season 1 too many times...

robby you didn't seriously buy the flight attendant outfit for gs did you? You're such a tease!!

Andrew said...

Welcome to the blog, Coup!

I understand about reading the comments, once I spent over an hour just sifting through the comments the day after the finale.

jenn256 said...

srg- what season was it from? I'll go back and watch it.

I was thinking about GS saying that she was going to start wtaching the epsiodes in reverse order, and it makes sense so I think I will do the same. I guess when you watch something and then they refer to it in the previous eppie, then you already know what they are talking about! Makes sense now that I understand why she's doing it.

And yes, welcome coup. Glad to see that some os us Americans weren't the only ones who were unsettled by the finale.

srg-alias said...

jenn - Lhaa is right, that episode is from season 1, episode 11 "The Confession".

welcome to coup too! :)

Robetron said...

Yes, that is when Anini Hassan's #2 guy took over his business. The smarmy, sleeze that licker her face is hiding a prototype weapon in an underground bunker. Vaughn strong-arms Hassan into giving them the code so Syd can break in, only it was the wrong code. I t triggered a self-destruct mode that began to fill the bunker with gasoline. If you wanna know how it comes out... you'll haf-ta watch the episode.
Tease, I am, SRG!


lhaaheim said...

srg! Yup that's what happended! How could I forget the they "suck" part and when he licked her face!!! I spend too much time watching season 2!!!! I need more season one!!! *head hung in shame*


lhaaheim said...

coup- Haven't you been here before? I seem to remember your name or is that from the ABC board?

uncle111 said...

I'm waiting fo them to auction off Page 47.

pkrm said...

Wow, too bad it's all clothes! I wish there were more props! I would go after the Rambaldi clock from season 1! :)


uncle111 said...

You know any Rambaldi artifacts would bring the highest prices.

coup said...

lhaaheim, i have posted on here before! Guess the comments got overrun by everyone else's. But hey, a welcome nonetheless, so thanks people! And yes, omg, i am really wondering how everyone in Aus will take it, when the season STARTS airing in a couple of months. It'll be really interesting to see how the promote/advertise it, especially the finalE.

srg-alias said...

I wonder what happened to the original page 47 used in seasons 1 and 2, I'm still irritated that they changed that prop in season 5...

lhaaheim said...

ABC Board is closed now! :-( They still have it viewable but no more posting.