Friday, February 17, 2006

Episode Title Update

Hello All,

Sorry about the slow week here at Let's Talk Alias. I am hoping to get some research done on a big piece this weekend and get the ball rolling next week with some new stuff! Hang in there!

Posted this morning on Alias-Media is the title of episode 101. Episode 5.13 is titled "30 Seconds." Again, these titles are subject to change, but so far I haven't seen any changes.
The episode is said to be written by Alison Schapker and Monica Breen. They aren't my favorite Alias writers, I have found some of their episodes boring and chalked full of already used storylines, but I debt with the added pressure of the season ending and the build up, they could very well have written a fabulous epppy. I guess we will have to wait and see!!

Here is a running title list:
5.10 "S.O.S"
5.11 "Maternal Instinct"
5.12 "There is only one Sydney Bristow"
5.13 "30 Seconds"


M said...

Did you notice that in Kristen's interview with JJ that he said there will be only 8 episodes of Alias upon its return???? This is terrible!!! i thought we were expecting at least 10!! That means there will only be 17 episodes on its final season??? Anyone have any other news on it?

M said...

here is the quote from her article ( - watch with kristen):

"For those of you concerned about the rumors that Alias was asked to wrap it up in three episodes, you should know, according to JJ, that is not true. Alias will have eight more episodes when it returns, and the cast is already back on set shooting this week."

jenn256 said...

eight,only eight? Is that including the one hour retrospective on Alias? I think GS had said previously that the finale would an hour and then a one hour look back at the show.

Only eight more.....I feel so cheated!!! :(

Kiki said...

Well, the very first episode back is 2 hours. Then I am guessing the finale will also be 2 hours, with another 1 hour for behind the scenes and such.

Sidewinder said...

Yeah Jeff Pinkner said there would be ten when it returns so maybe JJ just isn't count ep. 98&99

jenn256 said...

yes, maybe it was just a misunderstanding. JJ meant they would tape eight more for a total of ten, since it sounds like they taped 98 & 99 before JG had Violet. That makes me feel a little better I guess.